Dana Schneider

Dana Robbins Schneider co-leads JLL’s Energy and Sustainability Projects division with Jessica Bollhoefer. Ms. Schneider leads the team that implemented a whole-building deep energy retrofit of the Empire State Building, and continues to lead energy and sustainability initiatives based on ROI and performance improvement. She recently achieved LEED EBOM Gold certification for the most famous office building in the world. JLL, as the leader of the integrated energy retrofit process and this major initiative, uses a groundbreaking analytical model for maximizing energy and environmental value per dollar spent, which she was instrumental in developing. This energy optimization process has been replicated in over 100 buildings across the US and is informing state and national policy.

  • Taking a holistic, whole-building approach to sustainability

    Taking a holistic, whole-building approach to sustainability

    Interested in taking a holistic, whole-building approach to your building’s energy management to achieve optimal results? Take these seven steps with the right partner.

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