3 pillars of a successful change management strategy

October 21, 2016 Sanjana Saluja

A successful change management strategy generates understanding, provides ownership and builds excitement among employees. Office Renew offers some tips on how you can make that happen for your people.

The philosopher Heraclitis said in life, the only constant is change. In the office, resistance to change is even more certain—or so might say his modern descendants in HR.

While some people will be open and even excited about new office possibilities (lean on these change ambassadors—more on that below), others will have a visceral reaction to it or a delayed path to acceptance not unlike the seven stages of grief. And why shouldn’t they? We spend a third of our lives at work. A major workplace change, like a relocation or renovation, is more than a physical adjustment. It represents an organizational, functional and even cultural shift—something your employees may not be ready for.

This isn’t to say your efforts to assuage their fears are futile but rather, this is why they’re so necessary. Because it works. A study conducted by the International Workplace Studies Program at Cornell University found that among companies that had moved, a greater investment in change management produced better employee satisfaction with their new workplaces. In fact, companies that spent more change management dollars per person more than doubled employee commitment to the new workplace strategy. Employees will transition on their own eventually. But it is with a proactive, people-first perspective that we help them get back to work as quickly (and happily) as possible.

Find out three ways to champion change management here.

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