5 ways to deliver a retail experience in healthcare

November 24, 2016 Sanjana Saluja

Healthcare is facing new level of expectations from their patients and can utilize retail lessons to deliver a better consumer experience. Health System Management explores what you can do to meet their demands.

Across the healthcare industry, changes in payment models, technology and patient preferences are requiring swift and disruptive action by provider, payer and life science organizations alike. Perhaps nowhere is this more profound than the need to capture the mindset of patients who are adopting consumer-like behavior.

With the vast increase in the number of high deductible plans in both the individual and group markets, greater out-of-pocket costs, a higher percentage of government-sponsored plans with an emphasis on value-based care, an aging and sicker population, and industry consolidation leading to intense local competition, the healthcare industry is struggling to keep up.

In times of disruption, new business models emerge, blurring the lines between payers and providers and as new entrants establish themselves in the market. Despite these changes, there is an opportunity to take lessons from those who have been there and have set the bar for where the healthcare industry is headed.

Ultimately, healthcare patients covet a retail experience. Here are five ways healthcare providers can deliver the retail experience they covet.

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