A 6-point action plan to prepare your workplace for the future

June 8, 2017 Sanjana Saluja

The company of the future is expected to be leaner and more agile than today. While change is accelerating faster for some industries than others, everyone’s real estate and workplace strategy must shift. Office Renew explores why it’s never too early to start planning and embrace change.

Technology is at work in almost every aspect of the office. How we work has been fundamentally reshaped by the first wave of the internet (its emergence and explosive growth), the second wave of the internet (applications and software we love and rely on) and now its third wave: The internet of everything.

The third wave (as reported in Workspace Reworked) is propelled by our digital ecosystem. We now have access to incredible computing power, billions of connected devices, ubiquitous connectivity and vast quantities of data. They’re transforming businesses and upending the way we work. Eventually, this ecosystem will infiltrate and disrupt all industries. It won’t be long before we all work for tech companies. As a result, you need to ready your workplace for the drastic changes that lie ahead.

Click here to explore six simple steps to prepare your business and your workplace for the future.

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