A how-to guide for creating a workplace that works

September 1, 2017 Sanjana Saluja

JLL Spaces highlights the the importance of workplace design, wellness and technology as Tim Kay, JLL Managing Director, explores the ingredients that help create a recipe for workplace success.

Early this summer I was invited by Hobbs + Black Architects and Interior Environments to speak at an event in Ann Arbor, Michigan highlighting the increasing importance of technology, wellness and design in the workplace. Similar to baking a cake, creating a workplace that aligns with a company’s culture and meets the needs of its employees involves a fine-tuned mixture of essential ingredients.

Together, these ingredients can help create a recipe for workplace success:

1 Cup Examining Your Current Culture

Does your current workplace represent your company’s culture? Does the persona your company portrays through its brand, social media, website and advertising match the physical environment? Culture and brand must align in the workplace so those first impressions gathered by prospective employees are supported by their impression when they visit your office for an interview. If there is a lack of congruency, the likelihood of successfully recruiting that talent is slim.

1 Tsp. Agreement on Future Workplace Design and Functionality

When navigating this component of the recipe, it’s important to consider what success looks like for your organization. Your office should be viewed as a strategic business tool; a place where new ideas and innovations can flourish. These factors will be evident as your team interacts in a more inspired way.

Read the rest of the recipe of making a great workplace here.

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