Addressing workplace trends

May 23, 2016 Jacqueline Cazares

Workplace. It is top of mind for all companies as they try to create a space to attract and retail top talent. The Staples Advantage Workplace Index, a study of office workers, recently identified some workplace trends that will be implemented soon. As JLL is going through a headquarters redesign now, we took a moment to make sure we were addressing those trends that were identified. Take a look:

1. Fueling productivity through wellness

Neil Ringel, Executive Vice President for Staples North America, says “increased investment in wellness is key,” as employers try to prevent burnout in the work environment.

At JLL, employee wellness goes beyond good health. Wellness initiatives make sure employees have access to the medical care they need, the resources to navigate and understand the programs offered, and the motivation to prioritize their wellbeing. On top of personalized insurance coverage, employees are eligible for up to $800 in health rewards for meeting target biometric values, participating in fitness challenges or simply scheduling a preventative exam.

They also have access to discounts on gyms and fitness centers, nutritional counseling, and are encouraged to take advantage of Rally, a wellness coaching program that helps you get healthier through small lifestyle changes and smart goals. Additionally, JLL’s wellness initiatives encompass behavioral and mental health services, including tobacco cessation programs, a 24/7 behavioral health specialist, as well as free sessions with a mental health provider.

JLL’s holistic view of employee wellbeing helps create a harmonious workplace where employees are happy and healthy enough to be their most productive selves.

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