Back to sleep: Can hotels help guarantee the full eight hours?

December 9, 2016 Sanjana Saluja

Sleep has become a marketable commodity. In the coming years, we can expect to see a growing trend towards the promotion of ‘sleep experiences’ in hotels. Building Design + Construction explores how the future of hotel guestroom design shall be informed by this new demand.

The design and marketing of hotels once focused primarily on providing ‘a good night’s sleep.’ However, in recent years, hotels have striven to respond to the lifestyle of mobile workers, millennials and ‘bleisure’ (business/leisure) travellers. They have sought to distinguish their brands and meet their guests’ demands, providing a variety of in-room perks and enhanced IT/AV capabilities, alongside the promise of an experiential stay. The result has been that the bed has been both physically and metaphorically pushed to one side in hotel design, in many cases along with the prerequisites of a good night’s sleep.

However, prompted by the emergence of the ‘always-on’ lifestyle, we have also seen a rise in society’s engagement with the notion of ‘well-being’ and an increased understanding of the role that sleep plays.

There is a growing awareness of the impact of sleep on both physical and mental well-being. Sleep is now understood as vital for processing the cognitive activities of the day, for learning, storing memories, and for the body to repair and regenerate. As a result, for many people sleep is now increasingly seen as aspirational, and rather than boasting of surviving on less than four hours sleep, it is becoming more common to speak of achieving the mythic eight hours.

Find out how the hotel sector is placed to respond to the increasing demand for the ideal sleep environment here.

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