Can incorporating elements of nature into your workday can boost productivity?

March 31, 2016 Jacqueline Cazares

What's the quickest way to add elements of nature into your workspace? Some companies have taken advantage of rooftops to build out green spaces for their employees and tenants to take a break from the office environment, and to promote health as well. The NAIOP blog recently featured an article on this trend: 

Rooftops on buildings from New York to Seattle are being transformed into usable – even desirable – spaces with developers, owners and tenants seeking to extend workspaces outside of four walls and to create areas for meetings, social events and even gardens.

JLL Vice President Maureen Hawley discussed a trend for maximizing rooftops for tenants, noting that it’s not just tenants in traditionally creative spaces that want to offer outdoor space. Even traditional office towers in the CBD are getting in on the game. “It’s definitely come up as a serious point of interest for tenants, to know they can stay in the central business district, have an office in a vertical environment, and still have that outdoor space: a building roof top, balconies, or landscaped plazas, without needing to move to a campus,” she said in an interview with JLL Real Views.

Facebook’s new Seattle office will boast a rooftop park — plus a walking trail, fire pit, covered cafeteria and more, scattered across a series of balconies (see renderings compliments of Geek Wire) in a Frank Gehry-designed building. Geek Wire notes that Gehry also designed Facebook’s Menlo Park building, which features a nine-acre green roof with a half-mile walking loop and more than 400 full grown trees.

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