Capsule hotels: small spaces with big potential

October 28, 2016 Sanjana Saluja

As cities look to accommodate a growing appetite for international travel and a lack of city center space, capsule hotels could prove a useful addition to their hospitality offerings. JLL Real Views  examines this latest growing trend in travel and explores how small can mean beautiful.

Sleeping in a box which is 2 meters long and a little over 1 meter high and wide is becoming the low cost, Japanese-style choice of thousands of international travelers.

Launched in Osaka in 1979 to enable local businessmen enjoy an evening out, capsule hotels are now mainly aimed at international travelers. Growing numbers of these hotels have opened in recent years across Asia and into Europe and the Americas to cater for the rise in single travelers looking for low-priced rooms for one which equally offer opportunities to socialize with others in shared leisure facilities.

Capsule hotels offer budget tourists and backpackers a cheaper and more alternative to conventional hotels and hostels in “expensive” city locations such as Singapore,” says Frank Sorgiovanni, Senior Vice President with JLL's Hotels & Hospitality Group.

Find out more on how capsule hotels sector could prove to be a useful addition to the hospitality offerings here.

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