Chasing productivity and innovation: can the workplace get us there?

July 20, 2018 Sanjana Saluja

A highly engaged employee equals a highly productive employee. WorkDesign Magazine explores how engagement, motivation, and quality of space can impact productivity and innovation.

Change is a constant. In order to be relevant, successful and ahead of the competition, businesses need to be more productive and innovative than ever before. The workplace has changed dramatically over the past decades. The tasks at hand and the way people work have shifted. A company is made up of the sum of its personnel’s talents, skills and abilities to innovate and produce. This is fostered at the workplace level. The experience one has at their place of work – the place they create, produce and deliver – is highly impacted by the physical attributes of the space.

The key elements that cultivate the highest levels of productivity are choice, transparency and disruption. By empowering workers with choice, providing a level of architectural transparency and encouraging inspiration through disruption, the workplace lays the foundation to propel the individual, team and organization to a higher level of production and innovation.

Click here to find out why organizations must consider the needs of both the individual and the team before designing a new space. 

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