Cinema design takes a starring role at the movies

February 16, 2018 Sanjana Saluja

From leather reclining seats to chef-prepared meals, cinemas across Europe are upping the stakes on comfort and convenience in their large-scale refurbishments. JLL Real Views finds out why good cinema design matters.

“When it comes to good cinema design, these days it’s all about the experience,” says Nick Currie, Director of Building Consultancy at JLL. “The film will always be the main aspect of the cinema experience, but enhancing the atmosphere around this experience is what cinemas are currently focusing on.”

Making movie-goers feel like stars

For guests, that experience begins as soon as they set foot in the cinema, with self-service ticketing machines for streamlined collection of tickets bought online and a well-stocked concession stand where the staples of popcorn or nachos are freshly made.

However, it’s inside the auditorium where cinema design has the most impact. “One of the most important aspects of cinema design today is the seating. We’re seeing the rollout of full-reclining seats, in leather fabric, at major cinemas across Europe,” Currie says. “The design is very luxurious and as not all cinemas feature these seats, there’s an exclusivity to it. Customers are driving past the nearest cinema to find those that have reclining seats.”

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