Closing the gap of technology in the workplace

August 4, 2016 Jacqueline Cazares

Where most companies are trying to figure out the latest workplace configurations, they may be overlooking the most important thing to employees: technology. Technology has a critical impact on the success of a workplace now more than ever. JLL's Christian Beaudoin explores this topic on Office Renew:

Intuitive workplace technology is one of the best ways to increase business output and differentiate your space. But the reality is that a lot of offices just aren’t there yet. In many workplaces, there’s a wide gap between the sleek consumer devices that employees are used to and the clunky infrastructure they’re expected to adopt in-office.

Companies are trying to right their digital wrongs by putting more focus and budget toward better tech and stronger connectivity. Technology has become the largest and fastest growing item on the construction budget. A decade ago, IT costs made up 7% of a company’s interior construction budget. Now that figure can be upwards of 25% of the total buildout cost.

Though investments in technology are bigger, it’s still one of the least understood and poorly leveraged aspects of a buildout.

Problem: IT isn’t part of workplace strategy

During workplace planning, physical and technological design are traditionally completed as two separate activities. The office is designed and technology is installed, but neither considers how it impacts the other.

Leading companies are bridging this gap between design, architecture and IT to create a truly tech-enabled workplace.

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