Collaboration, flexible work styles drive evolution in office designs

July 28, 2015 Laura McDaniel

As we continue to hear, the cubicle farm is on the way out. This is good news to those who want to create a more collaborative, social environment, but does it work for every business? National Real Estate Investor explores along with JLL's own Bernice Boucher.

Now that hiring is up again, workplace strategy experts say that most companies want to implement collaborative office designs to attract professional talent.

The tech explosion, with nearly everyone on the planet expected to have a cell phone by 2020, has reduced the time that workers need to spend at their desks to complete tasks. New work arrangements, such as telecommuting and desk sharing, have allowed firms to reduce the amount of office space they need. However, a few large firms have recently reversed gears and pulled workers back into their chairs.

That’s okay, the office experts say: the traditional office is in on its way out, and coming into style are offices that bring the freedom inside, with new floor layouts and furniture designs that support a multitude of work styles.

According to a recent survey by real estate services firm JLL, nearly 70 percent of 544 corporate real estate executives polled say their companies are seeing increased demand for efficient workplace designs that encourage employee collaboration. The requested changes include more ways to enable flexible working and to support attitude changes toward office space.

Bernice Boucher, head of workplace strategy in the Americas for JLL, says there are a number of explanations for the new office space revolution. Managers want to create the most collaborative and innovative offices they can to attract the Millennial generation, which demands more work flexibility than employees from years past. Boucher says the trick is to wow these employees with up-to-the-minute technology and freedom of movement to make them gladly work in or out of the office.

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