Decoding workplace experience

November 24, 2017 Sanjana Saluja

A place of work is more than just a property. It’s an opportunity to create memorable experiences with real estate. Office Renew speaks to Dr. Marie Puybaraud about a unique global research project which analyzes the human side of the office.

Do you remember your first office? Dr. Marie Puybaraud certainly does.

“It was a basement,” said Puybaraud, JLL’s Global Head of Corporate Research. “I was sharing an R&D lab with some Russian engineers. I remember it was very dark, and the only useful thing about it was a white board. It was terrible, absolutely terrible.”

There was a lesson buried in that basement with Puybaraud, and one that would shape her research going forward. Companies, she said, should focus on the human experience at work and look beyond the physical features of an office.

That was a concept her Russian colleagues had no problem illustrating.

“Looking back, what was interesting is that the space didn’t really matter to the engineers because they were so passionate about what they were doing,” Puybaraud said. “The lack of light didn’t frustrate them, and neither did the lack of proper furniture. The white board provided the experience they needed: a place to collaborate and develop their formulas.”

So, for Puybaraud, the idea of human experience at work was born. What worked for those engineers didn’t for her, but what if work wasn’t about the workplace at all?

Puybaraud has spent the past year developing that blueprint with JLL’s new report, “Workplace: Powered by the Human Experience.”

Click here to find out more about the report.

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