Create a workplace where guests feel welcome

November 10, 2016 Sanjana Saluja

JLL recently hosted “Leading Edge” thought leadership and client engagement event where subject matter experts from JLL, Zurich, William Blair and Big Red Rooster shared tips on workplace renewal. Office Renew brings insights straight from the event on the overall value (and smartest approach) to workplace planning, branding and execution.

When you discuss business with someone outside your organization, where does that conversation take place? Away from your office, in a public space? Or inside your average conference room? Be honest: do you find these options appealing?

Fed up with choosing between a noisy lack of privacy and a too-formal meeting, many companies are creating a third space in-house that keeps all the comfort of a cafe with more privacy and less rush.

These social magnet areas and “residential” spaces encourage casual collaboration at work, but employees aside, there’s a second audience those spaces serve: everyone else. From clients and prospects to talent and business partners, more companies are bringing their network inside.

Find out more on the smartest approach to combine client engagement with workplace planning, branding and execution here.

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