Data is driving design for education

June 22, 2018 Sanjana Saluja

The sheer volume of data available to educational institutions today is unprecedented.  Building Design + Construction explores how educational institutions can make informed choices and smart design decisions that lead to higher efficiency and improved control over capital budgets.

We are surrounded by data. In many cases data that isn’t already accessible, can be either acquired or generated. This abundance of big data, while very helpful, does not necessarily provide the answers K-12 or higher education institutions are looking for nor does it directly translate into solutions for their design problems.

Dynamic trends are a concurrent challenge for many institutions. Pedagogical approaches are currently shifting away from the traditional teacher-centered models to become more learner-centered and reliant on collaboration. Emerging technology is transforming all sectors of education by facilitating quicker transfer of information and remote collaboration.

Click here to find out how educational spaces are evolving in response to these changes.

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