Design for life: Rethinking the office to promote activity

April 26, 2019 Sanjana Saluja

Sitting down at a desk all day can have a negative impact on people’s long-term health. JLL Real Views finds out how active office design can make for happier and healthier employees.

Office life has traditionally been sedentary, but as more companies and their employees prioritise healthier lifestyles, workplaces are finding new ways to get people moving.

From locating desks further from printers to providing shower rooms for runners and cyclists, adjustments to workplace facilities and culture can help make employees more active during the working day.

It can be a fruitful investment: research suggests that active employees tend to be healthier and more productive. A 2017 University of California study, for example, found that participating in a company’s corporate wellness programme increased worker productivity by 4 percent on average, while reducing absenteeism.

A study from Finland’s Tampere University suggested that walking during lunch breaks could help to improve concentration and reduce stress levels in the afternoon.

Click here to  read more about how today’s workplaces are increasingly being designed with movement in mind.

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