Forget FaceTime, let’s hear it for face-to-face time

November 19, 2018 Sanjana Saluja

Technology today is part of our world and it is not going to go away. WorkDesign Magazine explores why human interaction matters more than ever in a digital era—and what you can do about it.


A new type of co-worker is changing office life: Cognitive computing. Yes, human-to-machine collaboration is in the collective future, and digital solutions are already affecting the way we interact with each other in the present moment – but advances in technology, no matter how great, do not displace the need for human-to-human interaction at work; in contrary, it reinforces it.

While this may make simple sense to many of us, it’s important to recognize that the liquid workforce combined with new ways of living and working make the value of in-person engagement more evident to some of us, than to others. According to a new research, two thirds of teens would rather chat online than in person. But it doesn’t mean they don’t want to come face to face. They privilege human interaction for things which matter the most – socializing. As we prepare for the future of work, it’s important for workplace leaders to understand the depth of the people’s need for an authentic human experience—while also embracing the many benefits of digitalization, too.

In an era where we can engage with one another via screen in any number of mediums, it comes down to the power of sparking human experience at work.

Click here to find out how a sensory, interactive workplace can power a human experience.

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