How can university facilities live up to modern student expectations?

February 22, 2019 Sanjana Saluja

High-quality university facilities have become a must to attract top students and provide a positive learning experience. JLL Real Views takes a closer look at how universities are responding.

With tuition fees at an all-time high and competition among universities for top students fiercer than ever, high-quality and well-maintained facilities are more than a marketing tool. They’re essential for keeping students happy, enhancing the learning experience and promoting the university’s brand, says Shaun Johnson, business development manager at Integral UK, JLL’s UK facilities and engineering services firm.

“Expectations are high,” he says. “As soon as higher education became related to cost, the relationship between university and student moved towards something far closer to customer service.”

Students therefore expect the facilities they use on an everyday basis to function well and any issues to be quickly resolved. “Response times are key,” says Johnson. “Being able to fix a light in a matter of hours is the norm today.”

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