How restaurants are serving up entertainment like never before

March 23, 2018 Sanjana Saluja

As a new breed of restaurants put their own twists on mixing a meal out with entertainment, JLL Real Views explores how it’s shaking up the sector. 

From the jazz quartet belting out crowd-pleasing covers to cabaret performers high-kicking their way across the stage, food and entertainment have long gone hand-in-hand to make for a memorable meal out.

Now a new generation of eating establishments is adding its own twists to the concept of ‘dinertainment’ to stand out from the crowd and pull in diners who want more than just music and cocktails alongside their main course. And they’re expanding quickly in big cities.

Take Swingers, which combines street food with cocktail bars and indoor crazy golf; it’s opening its second site in London. In Paris, luxury bus-restaurant Bustronome shuttles guests between the city’s top sights as they dine while in Dubai, Inked curates one-off dining experiences from a surrealist Dali-inspired feast to monochromatic meals.

Even cinemas are focusing more on offering higher-end dining options as they look to revitalise the experience of a night at the movies. Cine de Chef, for example, has branches in Seoul, South Korea and Kathmandu, Nepal while Alamo Drafthouse has outlets across the US where movie-goers can order chef-cooked meals while watching a film.

Click here to find out why restaurants are embracing ‘dinertainment’. 

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