Improving wellness in the workplace

June 13, 2016 Jacqueline Cazares

Companies understand the importance of their employees' health. In addition to offering discounts on gym memberships and encouraging healthy behaviors they are now putting an emphasis on fitness within the office. Whether that is the addition of internal stairs or standing desks fitness is now becoming a part of the every day work space. JLL Real Views explores the new office trend here:

Water-cooler conversations used to focus on last night’s TV. Now they’re less about watching sports and more about last night’s training session.

Companies are responding to a growing number of fitness-minded employees by improving their health and wellness amenities. State-of-the-art office gyms, locker rooms and lunchtime fitness classes are becoming key amenities for helping attract and retain workers—particularly the fitness-focused Millennial generation.

Landlords also recognize that onsite fitness amenities can differentiate a property in a competitive market, bring in the tenants and increase the property price when it’s time to sell. With construction costs trending upward, however, companies must weigh the costs of even the most worthwhile amenities against the expected benefits, just as in any other business decision—and it’s easy to over-invest.

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