Mega-tainment malls: Can acrobats and indoor skiing boost shopping centers?

October 15, 2018 Sanjana Saluja

People used to go to malls for new clothes and the routine indulgence in coffee and cinnamon buns. But as American retailers seek to stay relevant in the age of e-commerce, the trip to the mall is being redefined. JLL Real Views looks at how entertainment is reshaping malls.

Big shopping centers now offer patrons a place to ski indoors, jump on trampolines, or even learn acrobatics.

“It used to be a big deal if a mall had a merry-go-round inside, or if Santa stopped by during the holidays,” says James Cook, who directs retail research at JLL. “Soon, people will be going to the mall to learn to snorkel, ski or juggle. It’s a whole new world for shopping centers.”

A major aim of the shift is to give shoppers a reason to leave the comfort of their living rooms—and the online retailers at their fingertips.

Click here to discover the new ways today's malls are finding to keep consumers coming back for more.

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