Photos: Here’s what the renovated Madison Square Garden looks like

January 28, 2015 Laura McDaniel

In October, 2013, the newly renovated Madison Square Garden was revealed to the public.  Joe DeLessio gave a sneak peek of the interior to New York Magazine. See what he had to say below.

Madison Square Garden has undergone major renovations — or a "transformation," to use their preferred word — over each of the past three summers. The finished product will be unveiled to the public tomorrow night, when the Knicks take on the Bobcats in a preseason game, but officials showed off the building's new look earlier today.

The Seventh Avenue entrance was totally redone this summer. The arena doors are now located at the top of these steps, in front of the entrance to the theater. (Previously, the doors were located closer to the box office.)


Beyond those doors is an area called Chase Square, which is more open than this space was pre-renovation. On the right of this photo — taken from the south side of the lobby area — is a Madison Square Garden store. To orient yourself: In the back of this photo is the box office, and the ramp that leads to the turnstiles is to the left of the ticket windows.

On both the north and south sides of Chase Square, just beyond the arena doors, there's a video board built into the ceiling. This photo was taken during a video presentation shown during today's press conference. It's just like looking up at the real skyline, in a horrifying version of the city where all the buildings are covered with ads for Eagles concerts!

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