Renovating new space to make it appear old

May 17, 2016 Jacqueline Cazares

A not-so-new trend, represented a lot by tech, has been restoring old warehouses into cool workspaces. As prices go up in this limited supply, architects and designers have to explore ways to make newer spaces look, well, old. Building Design + Construction and CannonDesign teamed up to explore this trend.

Seriously. We cannot find any more old warehouse buildings to renovate, and selling space in the central business district is difficult as corporate buildings are becoming less and less attractive. We need a new building that is attractive to companies that cut their teeth in co-working incubators before seeking their own digs.


We are a society obsessed with the new. We want to look eternally young, drive the latest car, wear runway fresh clothes and have up-to-the minute technology at our fingertips. We do not care the battery in our phones cannot be changed, because we are happy to simply get a newer phone. The American pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness is a glittering glare of polish and gloss, all sparkling and new.

That is, unless we’re talking architecture. Even a well-designed new building can have the appearance of a fresh haircut when the barber cut a little too much. A little weathering can improve the appearance. But with architecture, it’s often about much more than just that. The preference is not limited to such subtle nuance.

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