Six workplace values shared by innovative companies

November 18, 2016 Sanjana Saluja

Today's workplace design is driven by innovation. There are few greater compliments for a company than being perceived as innovative – fresh thinking and doing things differently to stand out from the crowd. JLL Real Views explores six workplace values that differentiate innovators and high-performers from the rest.

While much of this innovation comes down to a company’s products and services to keep it at the forefront of the market in which it operates, it’s also about the company’s culture. And creating the right workplace conditions is paramount.

A new survey by the architecture, design and consulting firm Gensler, has revealed a statistical correlation between workplace design and how innovative that company’s employees believe it to be. The U.S. Workplace Survey 2016, comprised of 4,000 employees in 11 industries, found that companies with high scores for workplace functionality and effectiveness also have better innovation rankings.

Find out the six elements that companies at the more innovative end of the scale tend to share here.

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