Staying on top of change: Five ways to futureproof the workplace

February 10, 2017 Sanjana Saluja

Change is coming to workplace as advancing technology and data driven insights fuel new ways of working.  JLL Real Views examines how workplace design is becoming smarter, more efficient and flexible and how companies can keep up with these changes.  

Both companies and their real estate will have to adapt. In fact, a workplace designed on today’s needs and assumptions could be redundant in little more than a decade, according to JLL’s Workspace, reworked report.

“Size and scale no longer guarantee success,” says Tom Carroll, Head of EMEA Corporate Research at JLL. “The companies that survive the changes set to take place will be those who successfully manage this uncertainty and seize the opportunities created by disruption. Leading firms are already identifying ways to use technology to transform the products and services they provide, the structure of their operations and the ways in which they compete.

“Critically, these firms are aligning their real estate and business strategies. From individual buildings right up to global portfolio strategy, technology and organizational changes will dramatically transform real estate requirements.”

Find out how firms can take steps today to put themselves in a better position tomorrow here.

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