The Fit-out Tech to Accommodate a Flexible Workforce

June 1, 2018 Sanjana Saluja

Technology inside buildings and in the workplace is changing how office space is used. To keep up with ever-changing workforce desires and needs, NAIOP explores some useful fit-out tools to create productive workplaces more effectively than ever before.

With the new focus on offering flexible office schedules, more amenities and a choice of workspaces to empower employees, creating an effective office layout has become more complicated than ever before. Fortunately, you can use today’s workplace planning and visualization technology — along with expertise — to get your space just right.

The shift toward mobile working, for example, has reduced the amount of space the typical office needs. In the average office, the typical desk is occupied only about 60 percent of the time. No wonder the old standard of a 1:1 ratio of people to desks is being replaced by a preference for 2.5 people per desk.

New advances in space planning and visualization technology are making it much easier to act on these sea changes in workplace design. But, even the most cutting-edge workplace planning tool is more effective when it’s implemented by a human who understands how and why to use it.

Click here to find out how you can visualize your office.

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