Discovering design and innovation at the dentist's office

January 6, 2017 Sanjana Saluja

A new, entrepreneurial dental practice has redefined the dentist visit experience through attention to design and customer experience. Forbes explores how Grand Street Dental exemplifies a thorough and classic approach to marketing, design, and innovation.

It starts with a vision, a desired response from patients, a thoughtful and detailed understanding of all the steps on the “customer dentistry journey”, an ability to challenge what has been customary, a far hipper, tech savvy approach and being innately creative.

Most new dentists who set up practice are referred to large dental suppliers, who provide free office design and layout options in hopes of future orders of big ticket items like dental chairs and other large equipment. Grand Street Dental forewent that route and instead decided to do its own office design and sourcing of virtually everything.

Vision And Desired Patient Response

Adjectives Jennifer Plotnick, the dentist/owner, used to describe what she was going for include artistic, homey, “cottagey”, familiar, approachable not slick, clean, fresh, filled with personality and character, kid-friendly for those who are treated or accompany their parents, and instilling confidence you’re in capable hands.


The location is brilliant on two counts. Williamsburg is one of the hippest places to live in New York, with a tech savvy, young population, many of whom are new to the area, attracted by like-minded residents and the explosion in housing, restaurants, unique coffee shops, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and bricks and mortar stores like The Apple Store, Whole Foods, J. Crew and Madewell. The local population that earns a good living to be able to afford the rents, appreciates what's new and different. Many are starting families and are looking for a new dentist. It’s a population with great “customer lifetime value”. Grand Street dental is also next to Sprout, a popular plant shop that people who move into the area go to buy plants for their new apartments. Williamsburg is also underserved by established Dentists, because it’s so relatively newly developed.

Read more on how Grand Street Dental differentiates itself through patient experience by rethinking everything that's expected here.

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