Work vs play: Why great culture is more important than great perks

July 14, 2017 Sanjana Saluja

Finding the right balance of elements that support work along with relaxation and fun, requires deliberate examination of each individual company. The sweet spot is often where culture and business can coexist. Office Renew explores how good workplace design can help companies express its culture without trying so hard to sell it.

In recent years companies have been trying to inject more of the fun factor into the workplace.

Slides instead of stairs, swings to help creative ideas “flow,” games rooms packed with lunchtime entertainment options and even champagne buttons on desks for workers in a new London office.

What began as a tech industry trend has gone mainstream. More companies are creating playful space to help people unwind, engage and think outside the box. While modern office design and perks may provide a unique conversation starter—and even a unique selling point for potential employees, some companies are struggling to strike the right balance between work and play.

Many companies are questioning the value of these spaces and they are finding that what worked for tech giants may not work for them. The reason, of course, is culture. All offices need informal spaces for employees to take a break. Not every office needs a pool table.

Find out how to achieve the right mix here.

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