Why retailers are opening stores that don’t sell anything

February 4, 2019 Sanjana Saluja

A new style of store springing up across America is more about engaging the Instagram generation and less about selling goods. JLL Real Views finds out why it’s becoming a popular move.

At the South Coast Plaza mall in Orange County, California, French luxury retailer Van Cleef & Arpels has created a series of installations designed to evoke a “dream-like landscape.”

Visitors passed through mirrored rooms with umbrellas suspended from the ceiling and took photos of the pop-up space that opened for a period last October.

Such spectacles are becoming commonplace for shoppers, with retail brands across the world creating Instagram-ready rooms that focus on wowing the customer and encouraging social media posts. The trend is a boon for commercial real estate landlords renting these spaces to pop-ups and longer-term installations.

“It’s a phenomenon,” says Taylor Coyne, Research Manager of Retail for JLL. “These spaces are not really designed for sales. They are much more about sending a message to customers. And they are a way to bring people into physical spaces when so much shopping is happening online.”

Click here to find out how US retailers are creating Instagram-friendly stores to get people in-store.

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