Winning sports facility development approaches

August 25, 2016 Jacqueline Cazares

Sports facilities need to have more than a winning team to draw in a crowd. They need to consider a fan's entire experience, from buying a hot dog to the comfort of the seats they sit in. Recently, Don Loudermilk discussed how stadiums are approaching redevelopment with PanStadia & Arena Management.

Don Loudermilk, National Director at JLL Project and Development Services, outlines the importance of creating not only a design that responds to the specific client needs but also a cohesive Project and Design Team to bring the vision to a successful reality. 

New stadiums go beyond the transformation of the fan experience, they mark a new chapter for a team and its community. Today’s new stadium developments are more than just sports and entertainment venues; they are often mixed-use, master-planned communities that include restaurants, retail, lodging and residential facilities, which enhance both the overall experience and revenues. To realize the most value from the process, a coordinated team with strong leadership must be put together to help the development team ‘hit it out of the park’ or through the goal posts, as the case may be.

A multifaceted stadium development is typically, for most owners, a once-in-a-lifetime undertaking and involves what can often seem like “herding cats”. This involves not only the many facility and community stakeholders but numerous consultants and builders. It’s critical to build consensus among the many parties invested in the process in what the project wants to achieve, how you’re going to get there and what awaits you when you arrive.

From vision to game-day opening, successful projects begin with a clear definition of the objectives, a solid game plan and strong lines of accountability. The following are four core management principles that can help ensure success:

Read the four principles here

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