Would you work better if your office was located outdoors?

June 20, 2016 Jacqueline Cazares

We have spent so much time discussing the transformation of the workplace, inside, that we haven't dived into whether the indoors is the best place to work. The Washington Post takes a look at a new workspace trend - working in the great outdoors:

Office space design is undergoing a period of experimentation. Some of the ideas have been transformative, such as the adaption of open office design, co-working spaces and environmentally friendly materials. 

Others — such as virtual receptionists — have emerged in design competitions but haven’t caught on en masse among architects or landlords.

Today begins a local experiment of another idea: Outdoor offices. The Peterson Cos. development firm plans to open a 20-seat outdoor space on Ellsworth Drive in downtown Silver Spring on Monday featuring desks, chairs, electrical outlets and wireless Internet service aimed at coaxing employees typically chained to their desks or cubicles to go outside.

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