Furniture costs across office styles [INFOGRAPHIC]

November 29, 2017 Morgan Junia

The power of procurement and business intelligence

Our Project and Development Services (PDS) business intelligence and procurement teams analyzed 3,940+ projects that used 512 furniture providers across 25 client industries. In this infographic, you will see the average cost of Progressive versus Moderate versus Traditional furniture across project size. 

Did you know a client with a progressive floorplan could spend up to 20% less on furniture than a traditional floorplan? Explore the data above to uncover more.

Also included are top furniture trends and five of our Synergy partners uncovering what's next for their products. 

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What is JLL’s Synergy Program?

Synergy is JLL’s branded preferred supplier program that provides clients the best quality service at the best price. We do this by leveraging our considerable U.S. spend to negotiate optimum pricing, service levels, quality, warranties and other benefits with more than 60 best-in-class suppliers around the world. To learn more, contact Samantha Mehal or Morgan Junia.

About the Author

Morgan Junia

Morgan Junia is a Vice President based in Chicago, IL. In this role, she supports the Project and Development Services (PDS) by providing supply chain solutions and strategies to our accounts and markets clients across the Americas. With over 2,900 Project Managers and $15B spend, her key focus is leveraging preferred and strategic supplier relationships (Synergy Program), and developing and implementing proven savings and efficiencies.

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