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The five types of fans shaping stadium design

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1. The Super Fan Hard-core fans may paint their faces (or their entire torso, in some cases) in team colors, or they may be more subtle in their appreciation. No matter how they show their pride, however, this type of committed fan wants to be as close to the action as possible—so long as the seating is comfortable. They will be at a lot of games, so they want their set-up to maximize the experience they look forward to so much. They will also appreciate strong technology, from food-ordering apps that enable them to stay glued to their seat, to the ability to access online stats and division standings in real time. 2. The Networking Fan Today's business-friendly stadium spaces are no longer cookie- cutter box designs. At the Lions stadium, for example, club- level suites have been completely renovated for more modern corporate entertaining, while other suites have been removed entirely and replaced with terraces where young professionals might mingle. The premise is that professional networking can happen in a private space—but it doesn't have to. For those who want to be in the middle of the fans, in their own amenities-rich spot, the Atlanta Braves' professional baseball stadium has four-seat moon-shaped tables available where a small group can sit, order food on a flat screen, and talk shop— while still being able to get up and scream with everyone else. 3. The Socialite Fan In a well-designed stadium, fans who are in it for the fun, and the selfies, can find plenty of ways to mingle before and a er the game—both in person and online. Catering to this type of fan, the Atlanta Braves offer The Chop House at SunTrust. A three-story venue featuring bars, restaurants, and a bundle of connected seats can be reserved, or not. It extends all the way up to the outfield so socially-minded fans can drink together— while also theoretically, they are positioned to catch a home-run ball. Technology infrastructure also comes into play for this fan, who will need strong network coverage to keep up with what's trending on Twitter, and who has liked their selfie. What kind of sports fan are you? The five types of fans shaping stadium design

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