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facilities development profile Construction Outlook | United States | H1 2017 Stadiums' role is changing, no longer "seat 'em and feed 'em". The original purpose of a sports stadium was simple, give fans a spot to sit for the game and the option to buy some food. Today, the marching orders have changed as teams aim to provide a multi-faceted experience. The introduction of diverse amenities, 'seating zones', play areas and vendors aim to up fans' entertainment. Budget for technology in new stadiums continues to grow. Technology products in sports facilities continue to grow, in both number and size. Complete Wi-Fi and flat screen TV coverage is the new norm. The tech budgets for stadiums a few years ago edged towards $1 million in a new build. In current under construction facilities, tech spending can be expected to be well north of $50 million. Premium product is shifting away from box suites. Box seats used to be where all big spenders enjoyed attending a sporting event. Today, as fans continue to demand an authentic experience that can't be felt in the air-conditioned box 200 feet above the field, premium seats with access to VIP amenities like a dedicated bar, buffet and covered viewing are becoming increasingly popular in new stadiums. Sports 1 2 3 Significant U.S. indicators | Q2 2017: U.S. construction spending YTD – Sports Facilities: $2.31 B Change from 2016 YTD: +33.3% (private funding) Top U.S. Stadiums under construction: 1. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta 71,000 seats - $1.6 B (projected) 2. Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, Los Angeles 70,000 seats $2.6 B (projected) Major upcoming ground breakings: 1. Las Vegas Stadium, Las Vegas 65,000 seats - $1.9 B (projected) 2. Texas Rangers Stadium, Arlington, TX 42,000 seats - $1.0 B (projected) Source: JLL Research, U.S. Census Key trends affecting the Sports Facility sector By Don Loudermilk, Senior Vice President, JLL sports facilities Project and Development Services

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