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Furniture • Private offices, typically 8x10 or 8x8 high panel workstations and file cabinets • More conference rooms with executive/high-end furnishings • Fewer (if any) informal huddle/ collaboration spaces • Agile floorplans, typically modern 8x6 or 6x6 low-profile workstations • Some dedicated conference rooms • Some informal huddle/ collaboration spaces • Open-plan office space • Mix of non-traditional modern work surfaces (can include hoteling /benching) • Fewer conference rooms • More informal huddle/ collaboration spaces Furniture is a $16Bindustry Better quality in both construction and design, starting with the use of finer materials, down to the precise details of stitching. It's a "Resimercial" shi. Combining residential and commercial to make the workplace more "homey", while still maintaining a sense of professionalism. Bold colors have retreated to make way for more muted tones like blush, coral, baby blue, shades of gray and touches of earth tones. More raw materials have people celebrating the beauty of natural colors, unique textures and organic imperfections. The warm look of wood continues to make a comeback. Bronze, gold, rose gold and copper metals are back on the scene, adding a rich, sophisticated and even retro feel to modern office furniture. Traditional ($$$) Moderate ($$) Progrsive ($) The power of procurement and business intelligence Our business intelligence and procurement teams analyzed 3,940+ projects that used 512 furniture providers across 25 Client industries. Top furniture industry trends According to NeoCon 2017 High/low range Overall average Think of this for your next project! A client with a progressive floorplan could spend up to 20% less on furniture than a traditional floorplan! How did we calculate this? Overall furniture cost (chairs, file cabinets, workstations, etc.) Total project square footage $/sf = Furniture cost range $/s.f $0-$500K $10 $20 $30 $0-$500K $0-$500K $500K-$1M $500K-$1M $500K-$1M $1M-$5M $1M-$5M $1M-$5M > $5M > $5M > $5M $15 $25

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