Redefining the Lexus experience

July 27, 2018 Sanjana Saluja

Leading Japanese automotive retailer Kobe Toyopet wanted to redefine the customer experience in Lexus showrooms across Japan. The retailer’s ethos is centered around the customer, meaning quality in every aspect. Locally, this is known as ‘omotenashi’. From car design concepts and dealership experience, to automotive parts and inspections, these showrooms are a differentiator for the luxury brand.

Our team created the first flagship showroom designed by architect, Ryu Kosaka. We provided the advisory on design including contractor selection and we supervised the construction work under direct management, to deliver the 37,000 square foot concept showroom, located in Kobe, Nishinomiya.

The client experience is fully-immersive with distinctive architectural elements which includes a green space rooftop. Our partnership with Kobe Toyopet will continue as we replicate this customer experience in Lexus showrooms across Japan.

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