Relocating with unmatched ROI

November 27, 2018 Sanjana Saluja

When Cayuse wanted to relocate their existing headquarters to a new location, they turned to JLL for site selection, design, construction, and close-out of the Project. The Brokerage and PDS teams worked together to evaluate two different sites for Cayuse and select the best option, not just geographically, but also financially in terms of a stable lease. Then the PDS team worked with vendors to translate Cayuse’s vision of the new headquarters into a modern office which serves as a recruiting tool. The new space opened on time to great employee reception. Working with our Synergy global purchasing partner Steelcase, we were able to save $112,500 on the new furniture, while our Project Manager, Kevin Nesse, was able to achieve 198 percent ROI for Cayuse by saving $150,000 on project costs.

“Kevin was super responsive and helpful throughout. He is a huge asset to JLL,” says Matt McLellan, CEO, Cayuse.

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