Bringing your brand to life at Corporate

October 10, 2016 Jacqueline Cazares

You’ve rolled out the new design concepts for 20 new stores and your brand is right on point. It communicates exactly what you want it to communicate to the marketplace – and you’re thrilled with the results. But when you go back to your corporate headquarters office, you realize the brand you’ve painstakingly communicated throughout your stores is missing within your own corporate environment.

That’s where we can come in.

Big Red Rooster (BRR) is a brand experience and design firm that is expert at bringing a client’s brand to life throughout its retail portfolio and back at corporate as well – all while enhancing the employee experience. We believe all employees – in the field and at corporate - should be immersed in the brand every day – whether they’re walking down the hallway, collaborating within the space or meeting with their team. As the ultimate ambassadors of your brand – your employees should be experiencing it fully.

In addition to bringing the brand to life at corporate, we also believe the space should adequately support the way your employees work – to maximize overall productivity and efficiencies.

How do we accomplish this?

We roll up our sleeves and we dig deep to find out how your employees are experiencing the space, how they intend to work and what their business needs are. We evaluate whether offices or shared spaces are preferred. We ask what the intention of the brand is and how we can bring that to life in the space. We talk to stakeholders, do competitive research and map out the employee’s experiences throughout the space. We partner closely with you to determine your aspirations and then ultimately transform your space to ensure you realize those broader ambitions and business goals.

At the end of the day, we design the space that not only works for your employees, but improves their performance in the process. We design a space that gives employees a larger sense of pride and belonging.

To find out how you can bring your brand to life while enhancing your employee experience at your corporate headquarters, contact:

Big Red Rooster helps JLL ‘walk the walk’

When its parent company, JLL, was undergoing a huge transformation of its corporate headquarters, Big Red Rooster was naturally brought in to help.  A renowned, well-regarded and sophisticated commercial real estate company, JLL needed to not only reflect its stature, but also communicate who they are and what they do through its headquarters redesign. JLL is the embodiment of commercial real estate. Their space should be a reflection of their services and expertise. In other words, JLL needed to ‘walk the walk.’

BRR’s Vicki Eickelberger talks about how they partnered with JLL to evoke JLL’s culture and brand throughout the new space, while enhancing JLL’s overall employee experience. Reach out to Vicki with any questions. 

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