Construction Technology: PlanGrid

July 18, 2018 Clare Mikulski

PlanGrid: Paperless planning for all your projects

One of the main focuses of construction technology is making collaboration easier. PlanGrid is leading start-up in the collaboration software sector, currently worth $66 million. The digital organizational tool streamlines communication in the field by allowing architects, engineers and project managers to instantly access, edit, and send blueprints to one another. PlanGrid not only stores the most recent editions of documents, but the app provides access to the whole history of the plans as well. The program optimizes onsite productivity by speeding communication and decreasing the chances of mistakes and delays.

PlanGrid filled an obvious digital gap in the construction industry. Blueprints are an integral part of any building project, but physical plans can pose a wide range of problems for a busy construction team. The startup saw an opportunity to increase collaboration, improve communication and streamline the way project managers use blueprints. PlanGrid allows project managers to keep multiple projects of many sizes in one app. The ability to access all those documents from any device is invaluable to busy project managers. It is now easier to make changes and resolve conflicts in real-time, which means the most recent version of every plan is always available to the people who need it. Project managers are better connected with other people working on the project, resulting in better communication and more efficient work.

Here’s what our people think:

“PlanGrid is an important communication tool between the GC and the project manager when we manage projects across North America. I can see 'real time' updates as punchlist items are completed or commented on by the architect.”

“It is a huge time saver- we are constantly being told that scope 'is on the drawings' without backup to that statement so with PlanGrid we have the option to look it up in minutes/seconds.”

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