Construction Technology: Virtual reality

July 19, 2018 Clare Mikulski

VR 360: Virtual tours with tangible benefits

The construction industry remains largely undigitized, but technology startups are changing that. New software, applications and digital tools are making life easier for project managers, clients and everyone in between. Construction productivity has declined over the past 25 years, so now is the time for new technology, created specifically for an industry in crisis, to bring project sites into a new, successful era. 

VR 360 is a perfect example of how technology is revitalizing the construction industry. The photo software allows project managers to turn high definition photographs into a 3D virtual tour of the project site. Clients can “tour” their projects virtually and get a sense for the space exactly as it stands in real life. VR 360 allows people to see everything, from the “big picture” to smaller details, without the worry of travel. Virtual tours are a huge leap forward in productivity for construction, and VR 360 offers a direct solution to the problems of efficiency and productivity.

Using the VR 360 camera, project managers choose specific vantage points around the construction site and take photos of the entire area. These images are mapped onto a floorplan of the site and become a 3D virtual walk-through of the space. The VR tour allows clients to experience their project sites remotely, and they can voice their opinions and concerns during construction without having to travel to the site itself. 

Don’t take our word for it. Experience VR 360 for yourself.

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