Getting your space ‘right’ from the start

August 24, 2016 Adrian Sluga

Have you ever bought a new house? The home inspector walks you around for a visual assessment, hands over the keys and off you go. But did you check that the HVAC was working properly or that the windows were adequately insulated?

Similar to buying a new home, in a commercial office fit-up, mechanical and electrical equipment and systems are often not checked to ensure that they both function and perform. They are merely installed and, at best, visually reviewed. In a perfect world, the commercial space would function optimally, without any issues. The reality, however, is that systems in modern buildings are highly complex and interactive, and no matter how carefully a building is designed, if the systems, equipment, and materials are not installed and operating as intended, performance expectations will not be met – leading to costly repairs and unhappy tenants.

And nobody wants that.

To ensure systems work in harmony, and that the tenant receives the premises as it was envisioned and designed to perform, Commissioning (Cx) is the way to go. A third-party verification process, Commissioning is a proven way to achieve optimal performance for a building. When appropriately applied, the process avoids quick-fix solutions and addresses root causes to ensure that systems operate efficiently, meet the needs of the end user, function as designed and maintain occupant comfort – all while reducing energy costs.

The best part? The one-time costs of commissioning are recovered many times over through operational savings, improved staff performance and avoidance of costly resolution processes.

So, if repeat service requests, excessive equipment repairs and lengthy debates with property managers don’t appeal to you, make sure you get your space ‘right’ from the start – by having it commissioned.

For much more information around ‘why’ you should commission your space, ‘how’ it’s performed, the types of issues that get uncovered and potential cost savings that can be achieved in the process, check out our TI Commissioning white paper.

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Adrian Sluga

Adrian is a Senior Vice President for Commissioning & Building at JLL Canada. Adrian brings with him over 15 years of leadership and experience on large-scale, complex projects across a breadth of fields. Primarily responsible for the division’s operation and financial performance, Adrian uses his business acumen, strategic planning, and thought leadership to bring direction and experience to the company and its project teams. In addition, he also ensures the seamless and successful best-in-class delivery of services across all sectors to all clients, to bring real value and deliver/realize results.

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