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April 30, 2018 Kelsey Burgess

It is an exciting time for the commercial real estate industry. The advancement in technology has opened doors for innovative solutions that can make a difference in various real estate services. That’s why innovation has become not only essential to an organization’s success but also its key expense.

At JLL, innovation is part of our culture. Our employees are encouraged to chase big ideas knowing that their creativity is supported, their vision is valued and their drive never goes unnoticed. Their ideas help us stay one step ahead by generating new solutions, best practices and potential products.

In order to foster those ideas, we host the annual Da Vinci Awards to celebrate and reward the year's best innovators.

Named after the great innovator Leonardo da Vinci, the awards program aims to encourage and reward the breakthrough ideas that contribute to the growth and success of our firm.

"The Da Vinci program is critical for JLL because it's designed to create new ways to drive value for our clients," says Greg O'Brien, CEO, Americas. "One of our ambitions as a company is to nurture a culture of continuous innovation, and the Da Vinci Awards are an outstanding example of that drive." 

The program delivers value not only for JLL's clients, but also for the firm and its people. Since 2003, JLL can attribute more than $800 million in direct revenue to Da Vinci award-winning ideas. Da Vinci solutions also currently produce $200 million annually in client savings.

Since the first Da Vinci Awards in 2004, winning projects have gone on to receive patents, improve safety, achieve efficiency and differentiate JLL's capabilities and offerings for its clients. For example, 2017 Da Vinci winner Dave Crowell developed a now-patented design for an electrical panel that could save approximately 500 lives each year.

Alec Humphries, Senior Vice President, Innovation & Product Development and Da Vinci Global Lead, adds: “Da Vinci has become part of JLL’s innovative DNA. It allows us to harness the entrepreneurial spirit and power of all 80,000 JLL employees in order to execute our leadership’s strategic vision and direction of our company. This unique approach is something that does not exist in our industry today, and has dramatically impacted our employees, our clients and our firm."

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To learn more, watch Todd Burns, President of the Project and Development Services, explain the value that the Da Vinci program brings to our firm and our clients.


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