Open floor plan opens lines of communication – while saving costs

March 19, 2018 Kelsey Burgess

Building out your office space can be overwhelming – not to mention costly. So many decisions need to be made, from office layout and space allocation to the quality of finishes and amount of design work. To make these decisions less daunting, we’ve harnessed our business intelligence data in order to bring you the U.S. and Canada Office Fit Out Guide, a report that compares build out costs across different office style and space qualities in order give tenants a sense of how seemingly small choices can affect the bottom line in a big way.

For instance, if you’re looking for an open floor plan, a Progressive style office might just be the right style for you – and you’d be in good company. According to, about 70 percent of U.S. offices have an open office floor plan, complete with shared tables, conference rooms, comfortable couches and cozy reading nooks.

With 100 percent bench style desks and zero private offices, progressive style offices can fit 20-50 percent more employees than a traditional office while doubling the conference and collaboration spaces. Having such a large amount of collaboration space can leads to more innovation in the workplace. And these days, collaboration means much more than just assembling in a conference room for an hour-long brainstorming session. Companies today are redesigning their workspaces in an open floor style to promote more fluid communication and synergy, to improve transparency and to encourage employee relationships and interactions all across the board.

An added bonus of going with a progressive office style? Compared to the $177 per-square-foot average cost of a traditional office, progressive styles sit at $152 per-square-foot, saving organizations a significant amount of money in construction costs. Not to mention attracting more millennials in the process. Tech-savvy millennials are on the rise and forward-thinking companies are not only offering cool open floor workspaces to appeal to their sensibilities, but they’re also offering more options for how employees want to work on any given day. Instead of offering one type of workstation, many companies are offering several options so employees can switch it up. 

The recent Hyatt Headquarters renovation provides the perfect example of a progressive office space and how custom tailoring the office design to the hotel’s brand and its needs has been critical to happy employees. In the new space, everyone has a ‘home,’ but they are encouraged to work wherever they want to work on any given day. Six different types of desks are offered – each with a different furniture application to fit the employees’ various needs. If they need a change of environment, they also have the choice of working from a conference room, huddle room, café or any of the several spots spread throughout the office.

If you’re looking to promote more collaboration within your office and to save on construction costs, a progressive office style may be just the right fit for your organization. For more information on how location, office style and space design can impact the cost of your office build out, check out our 2018 U.S. and Canada Office Fit Out Guide.

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