Staying in front - and even ahead - of the workplace curve

October 2, 2017 Jacqueline Cazares

Today’s workplace is so much more than cubicles and conference rooms. It can often be a direct link to a company’s success. To stay competitive, smart companies know they need to offer a well-designed workplace that encourages real productivity and collaboration, promotes health and happiness, and helps attract and retain top talent.

But in an ever-evolving industry, it’s hard to stay on top of the latest trends, which is why we partnered with five of our preferred suppliers across key design areas—architecture, flooring, lighting, furniture and audio visual technology—to author a series of articles intended to showcase cutting-edge trends in planning and design that are enhancing workplace experience for our clients. Trends that will help get you in front, and even ahead, of the workplace curve.

This is the first of a five-part series.

The future of floor tile never looked – or felt – so good

Today’s office space has a come long way from the office space of the past. Through innovation and advancements in technology, it has improved from floor to ceiling and the “open office” now the norm with plenty of glass and sunlight. Flooring alone has seen a huge transformation. In the not so distant past, broadloom carpet was the typical flooring of choice being installed across most office spaces.

Now we are seeing office flooring in a whole new light.

Companies should understand that flooring is often the first thing potential clients or prospective employees notice when they walk in the door, so it’s important to get it right.

And when strategically chosen, the right office flooring can tie your interior design together, enhance your work environment to improve productivity, minimize your operating expenses and support your overarching corporate vision.  

Companies have several options when it comes to flooring today. Innovative carpet tile is now available and in recent years we’ve started seeing a trend towards more hard surfaces in the office. Technology firms have been some of the first adopters, opting for a ‘loft’ style space with polished concrete flooring. In addition, we’ve started seeing wood, ceramic tile and other hard surfaces move from the breakout rooms into open office areas. These hard surfaces communicate a modern and updated aesthetic – an aesthetic that appeals to both older and younger generations alike.

Flooring you can feel good about

Although concrete floors may be beautiful, they are loud and – above all else – they can be very expensive. Because of this, companies are increasingly turning to a hard surface flooring that’s growing in popularity called Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). At almost half the price per square foot of most hard surfaces, LVT is scratch proof, durable, easier and less costly to maintain, and provides more acoustic absorption.

It can also have an overall impact on how people ‘feel’ – especially if biophilic principles (focusing on a human’s innate attraction to nature) are applied to the design. 



In fact, research demonstrates that nature-inspired design can have a significant impact on the creativity, productivity and overall well-being of users of a space.

That’s because when people find themselves within natural environments that are aesthetically pleasing, they tend to feel better about their work and those around them.

Enhancing the workplace experience

Many companies are continuously looking for ways to attract and retain employees in an increasingly competitive world. Choosing the right flooring can go a long way towards enhancing the workplace experience – and LVT is a great option.

"LVT has become so popular in corporate architecture and design because it allows our clients to achieve the design aesthetic they are looking for while providing a facility that comes in on budget and is maintainable. A win-win all around,” said Heather Reed, JLL Project Manager.

JLL recently created the first of its kind Strategic Council (previously called Workplace Strategy Council) comprised of five preferred suppliers across key design areas to reinforce its commitment to clients and their workplaces. For more information about these suppliers and the Council, click here.

Learn more about flooring and the power of procurement and business intelligence.

LVT in action

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of modular carpet, JLL Synergy partner Interface is an expert on LVT and its benefits. Hong Kong-based firm AASTOCKS, which offers free financial information and analytical tools through innovative technology, reaped these benefits firsthand when Interface partnered with JLL to install LVT across its workspace in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.

When AASTOCKS relocated to a new space in Kwun Tong, the firm’s overall design goal was clear: to use as many natural materials and to bring in as much daylight into its space as possible. Working closely with Interface and JLL, they chose LVT products that struck a balance between the beauty of natural materials and the durability of man-made materials. Polished cement patterns were laid throughout the space, appealing to the overall look and feel. In addition, they even chose Interface’s Net Effect pattern, which emulates ocean and seafoam since the office has a stunning view of the sea.

“Bringing Interface into the project planning discussions early on was key to this project’s success,” commented Angela Hui, Key Account Manager, Interface. “By working in an integrated fashion with JLL from the start, we were able to truly understand the client’s vision, propose and execute solutions, exceeding AASTOCKS’ expectations in the process. AASTOCKS is thrilled with the end result.”


Jaap van Joolen, Regional Vice President Global Accounts, Interface

Heather Reed, Project Manager, JLL PDS

Dave Wolf, Director, JLL Strategic Sourcing

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