The ideal work environment has changed. Are engineering firms keeping up?

October 17, 2016 Kelsey Burgess

We are smack in the middle of the evolution of office space. Companies of all sectors are focused on innovative build outs and redesigns to fit their changing needs. Engineering firms are no different, and companies are beginning to offer additional amenities and space optimization to satisfy employees, attract new talent and encourage productivity.

According to JLL’s latest Engineering Firm Perspective, the engineering industry as a whole has faced a challenging past five years with energy, mining, and infrastructure projects first booming but now recently faltering. Despite volatility, engineering firms have been able to post steady wage and employee growth across the U.S. This growth will force firms to adapt their real estate footprints to meet growing headcounts and client demand, reinvigorating how their offices function.

“Margins for engineering businesses are typically tight and therefore the cost of space is paramount,” says Jacqueline Dompe, Managing Director, JLL Project and Development Services. “The decision to locate in a suburban area versus an urban center is not always an obvious choice. At times, it can be challenging to pinpoint an office location and atmosphere convenient for both employees and their clients.”

Leading engineering firms recognize that their services heavily influence and are influenced by other disciplines, such as social and natural sciences. As such, creating an office environment that facilitates collaboration will yield informed solutions for our world’s engineering challenges.

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