Leading the Change in Emerging Markets: Corporate Real Estate trends in Technology

February 6, 2014
Innovation and growth are strategic imperatives for technology companies. In order to respond to a quickly changing environment, win the market share race and seize the advantage of disruptive innovation, technology companies have to be dynamic, fluid and bold. This involves a high degree of risk, which many are willing to take in anticipation of future rewards. Jones Lang LaSalle’s Global Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Trends 2013 confirmed that companies around the world plan to increase their real estate portfolios in emerging markets. Zooming into the technology sector, respondents reveal that technology companies are among the most aggressive in pursuing growth opportunities and expanding their footprint in emerging markets. This pursuit, however, exposes them to a diverse set of risks associated with new markets and pressures to support this growth with flexible and efficient portfolios. To learn more visit: http://www.gcre.joneslanglasallesites.com/en/industries/technology
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