Transforming today’s workplace, one meeting at a time

November 8, 2017 Kelsey Burgess

Today’s workplace is so much more than cubicles and conference rooms. It can often be a direct link to a company’s success. To stay competitive, smart companies know they need to offer a well-designed workplace that encourages real productivity and collaboration, promotes health and happiness, and helps attract and retain top talent.

But in an ever-evolving industry, it’s hard to stay on top of the latest trends, which is why we partnered with five of our preferred suppliers across key design areas—architecture, flooring, lighting, furniture and audio visual technology—to author a series of articles intended to showcase cutting-edge trends in planning and design that are enhancing workplace experience for our clients. Trends that will help get you in front, and even ahead, of the workplace curve.

This is the second article in a five-part series.

Digital collaboration is no longer an option – it’s a necessity

With so many people working from different locations, how are people collaborating and interacting? How are they sharing and bouncing ideas off one another?

Through digital collaboration.

Digital collaboration is transforming today’s workplace and enhancing the workplace experience by allowing employees to work from anywhere. Through digital collaboration, you can now interact directly and collaborate through touch screens, video conferencing, file sharing and digital whiteboarding. The physical meeting space is fully connected to “everywhere” and the tools (networked interactive screens, devices and files) can now be shared with anyone, which creates an inclusivity that has never been possible before now.

Digital collaboration comes in many forms

There are several technologies available to companies that allow multiple users to interact at once, whether at their desk using a PC or remotely from their tablet or mobile device. These technologies also provide content sharing, joint interactivity with data and files, and the ability to save sessions intuitively—not just in a standard file folder. The meeting sessions can be saved exactly as they were conducted, along with annotations, images, snapshots of data and more, allowing for easy recall the next time the team meets. These tools and processes have been essential in improving the overall workflow efficiency, speed and results.

These technologies range from multiscreen, software based interactive systems such as Oblong, Multitaction, Bluescape, Surface Hub and Sparkboards to more complex custom designed “immersive, tracked, interactive stereoscopic virtual reality environments.” With so many options to choose from, there is a collaborative solution for everyone.


Digital collaboration leads to happier, more productive employees

The biggest benefit of digital collaboration? It leads to happier employees. Today's multi-generational workforce has varying work styles that demand work environments beyond the traditional office. Where and how we work is changing quickly and organizations must take a visionary approach to the Future of Work if they want happy and productive employees.

With face-to-face communication happening less frequently due to more remote workers and the global nature of work, digital collaboration provides an effective way to engage and energize your talent.

According to a recent Deloitte study, “Digital collaboration is fundamental to happiness at work. Workers were 17 percentage points more satisfied with their workplace culture when they had access to effective digital collaboration tools.”

Smart companies know that digital collaboration is no longer an option, but a necessity. According to Jim Angelillo, Vice President Advanced Visualization, AVI-SPL , “The amount of innovative, decisive work that’s accomplished today using digital collaboration is positively transformative to our workflow, compared to any other period in our history.”

Digital collaboration is key at JLL

For JLL, collaboration is key. Whether internally with other employees or externally with clients, meetings are happening 24/7. With employees and clients located all across the country, JLL wanted to take its meetings to the next level so we partnered with Synergy partner AVI-SPL to implement Oblong’s digital collaboration tool Mezzanine in its Atlanta, Miami and San Francisco offices.

With Mezzanine, colleagues will no longer be just ‘meeting,’ but digitally interacting and collaborating like never before. Its multi-screen workspace creates a visually immersive ‘wow’ factor environment for teams to interact in real-time, sharing complex sets of data from multiple sources across the globe.  

Although still in the planning stages, the offices hope to have Mezzanine up and running in the near future. Here’s what the offices had to say:

JLL Atlanta

“In today’s environment where business is increasingly more complex and stakeholders are geographically spread, we sought a technology solution that capitalized on our consultative approach.  We chose Oblong’s Mezzanine to enable our teams to connect multiple specialists and stakeholders across multiple locations.  Housed in our new Client Experience Center, Mezzanine will provide the digital interface to deepen our client and team relationships through thoughtful and strategic collaboration.” – Lucille Heil, Senior VP Operations, JLL Atlanta.

JLL San Francisco

“Our ongoing investments in new technology continue to position us to take advantage of our industry’s digital transformation. We chose to incorporate Oblong’s Mezzanine technology in our new office to inspire high performance, embrace alternative work styles and environments and convey the JLL story in differentiated and unexpected ways for clients to enjoy.” – Christopher T. Roeder, International Director, JLL San Francisco


Partnering with AVI-SPL has really upped our digital collaboration game across the board. "I really enjoy working with AVI-SPL to deliver digital collaboration solutions to our clients,” commented David Rosato, Senior Vice President, PDS. “They're the perfect partner -- heavily involved in the design process, cognizant of budget and timeline, and very flexible during installations. I welcome the chance to work with AVI-SPL again.”

AVI-SPL is one of five preferred suppliers within JLL’s newly created and first of its kind Strategic Council (previously called Workplace Strategy Council). The Council was created across key design areas to reinforce JLL’s commitment to clients and their workplaces. For more information about these suppliers and the Council, click here.


Dean Adamczyk, Global Account Manager, AVI-SPL;Jim Angelillo, Vice President Advanced Visualization, AVI-SPL; Taylor Este, Field Marketing Specialist, AVI-SPL; Rebecca Meier, Channel Business Development Manager, AVI-SPL; Morgan Junia, Vice President, JLL PDS Sourcing; Tiffany Munro, Vice President, JLL PDS; David Rosato, Senior Vice President, JLL PDS


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